APBA Pro Baseball Master Addition

APBA Pro Baseball Master Addition

***APBA Pro Baseball Master Addition is an addition to the basic game and requires the game board, manual and shaker that comes with the APBA Pro Baseball Basic Game.***

Baseball Master Game Instructions

APBA Pro Baseball Master Addition is a spiral-bound booklet which includes refinements, including expanded pitcher strikeout ratings, and an optional "Official Scorer" system, design to fine-tune the fielding phase of APBA baseball.

More Features! More Strategy! More Challenges! More Fun!

If you're already hooked on APBA Pro Baseball, it may be time for you to move up to the Master Game. It's the advanced version of our best-selling APBA Pro Baseball Game. It's designed exclusively for APBA Baseball fans who want managing challenges at an even higher level. In fact, the Master Game provides managing challenges at a level no other baseball board game has ever approached, let alone equaled.

From statistical precision to truly bizarre plays, the Master Game has it all!

***This add-on does not come with cards, dice, shaker, markers or playing field. Complete season card sets are sold separately.

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